Registered FansMania customers can benefit from our Loyalty program, where you can earn FansMania Credit that will be automatically deducted as a discount from your next purchase.

What is FansMania Credit?

FansMania credit is a cash reward for you - it's our way of saying thank you for shopping with us. You can earn FansMania credit if you are shopipng as a registered customer only and it will be credited into your customer account in points after your order is fully paid. The value of 1 point is 0,1€. So for example 10 points has a value of 1€, 100 has a value of 10€, etc.
With purchase over 40€ you earn FansMania credit of 3% from total products value.
With purchase over 100€ you earn FansMania credit of 6% from total products value.

An example of how it works:

How FansMania credit works


By registering on the FansMania website, you agree to receive emails regarding the status of your FansMania credit and to receive emails about our news and promotions.
FansMania Credit can be applied to all goods (including discounted and promotional goods) unless otherwise stated.
FansMania Credit will be credited to the customer's account in the form of points only after payment is recieved for the order. If the order is cash on delivery, then only after receiving the cash on delivery to our bank account.
The value of one point is 0.1 €.
If the goods from the order are returned, the value of the FansMania credit will be reduced in direct proportion to the value of the returned goods.
FansMania Credit cannot be repaid in any way. It is a virtual credit valid only for online purchases on the FansMania website. FansMania credit is not transferable from one customer to another and can only be used by you with your account.
FansMania Credit and its terms and conditions are subject to change at any time in our sole discretion without any further notice.